One Ring, Two Rings

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Yes, “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” made my back (and bottom) ache with the hours-long epic voyage to destroy that glittering band of gold. But copious amounts of iced tea and two boxes of popcorn later, I emerged from the theater almost cross-eyed, but deeming the experience well worth it.

I’ve been having somewhat of a movie drought lately, I missed so many new releases. Which is very unlike me, considering I used to brave hell and high water (literally, emerging from a last full show into a freak storm that featured thigh-high flooding). I’ve yet to see “Kill Bill,” “The Last Samurai,” heck, even “Mano Po 2,” haha.

But I tell you, I have seen the parody of LOTR. Go to “Bored of the Rings“. If you are a serious Ring-fan, or a true Tolkeinite don’t be offended, after all this site is better and way funnier than those pseudo-imaginative Legolas rantings that used to make the rounds of emails everywhere.

Precious, precious…


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