Production Number: Having A Baby

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A friend at the office asked me for a list of baby things that he would need to buy, since his wife is due to give birth to what would be their first baby, in June. So, kind soul that I am, over the weekend I got out my handbook, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth and sat down to draw up the list.

My initial intention was to make a very basic list that would fit in a Post-It. But looking back and remembering how baby stuff have a way of replicating, three hours later, I ended up with this list:

Here’s the List.

It’s not a list, it’s a legal document! I hope I don’t scare M. off with it. Having a baby is one major production number indeed. And to think that I haven’t even gotten to toys, strollers, baby baskets, carriers, sippy cups, or potty trainers yet. Like the book says, deep pockets, folks, deep pockets.

And then it hits me—hey I’m pregnant too! I’ll be needing these things a few months down the line myself! Wahah!

I let out a sigh and twiddle my thumbs.


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