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WedbreakToo bad there’s no divorce in the Philippines. Yet. The April 5 issue of TIME had a feature on what it calls “Asia’s Divorce Boom,” as though marriages breaking up were just another economic milestone. Well, maybe it is. The article says that with more Asian women getting out of the house, joining the workforce, and thereby gaining financial independence, divorce is on the rise.

In Singapore, divorce is up a third since 1990, in Thailand it has nearly doubled. Divorce rates have doubled in China and tripled in Taiwan. Divorce rates in Korea are higher than those in European countries. Can rigidly Catholic Philippines be far behind? Though there is still no divorce here, annulment cases are certainly increasing in number, with grounds for ending a marriage widening to include low IQ. Hah. In so many cases, divorce makes the only sense. Including mine.

I’m living before my time, I guess. Sigh.


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