Excuse My Tummy!

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Minor irritation at work yesterday: this girl who recently came back from training abroad saw me on the hallway.

Girl: (in a loud voice, bouncing off marble) What happened??!! You got pregnant? Why?!!
Me: (sanely, but temper on the rise) It’s a long story… Me thinks: One I really have no compulsion to share with you.
Girl: My gosh, your tummy is so big already!!!
Me: Yeah.

Elevator opens, I get on and I rush to press the close button before my temper gets the better of me. Acid, bile, and slime on you all! Harrummmph.

Some people have no tact whatsoever, much less modulation. It gets my goat, sure it does. Why? One, she and I are not close. Two, I am sick and tired of having to explain why I’m pregnant. Technically, I’m still a married woman, for crying out loud. And whose business is it anyway, this bulging tummy? It’s not as though I’m asking you to adopt this child, hello!

Ah well. At least I have a sound biological excuse for this rounded protuberance. You on the other hand girl, are just plain fat.


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