The Early Bird Gets… A Lamp!

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Across my office building is a mall with a nearby Starbucks. To get to it you have to cross a shady garden path that meanders its way down to the coffee spot. This is the only place that’s open at around 7AM or so, and because of a confusion in dates, I went to work really early today—expecting a videoconference call with my US bosses. Well, I guess my brain has turned to mush because that call is actually scheduled for tomorrow. Makes sense, since today is Sunday over there. Haha, chalk it up to wayward hormones.

To fritter away some time before seriously getting down to work, I decide to get breakfast at Starbucks. Yuppie central. So early in the morning and already they’re whipping out PDAs, scribbling on notepads, gabbing on cell phones. One group is elbows-deep in a meeting huddle. I remember this is a Monday, so everyone else must be in a work frame of mind already. I, on the other hand, am hungry. So I get a tiramisu and a coffee, with four sachets of brown sugar. Just about my quota for sweets the entire week.

Outside the sun is getting serious, and it promises to be another scorcher of a day. The tiramisu is cold and very soft. I let it cool the roof of my mouth, then wash the sweetness down with sips of coffee. From the pattern of leaves casting shadows on the windows I get the idea for a lamp, and I draw this on a paper napkin:

Leaves. I could paint leaf patterns on the lamps, or paste actual dried leaves on them. Or create one from twigs or strings or found objects. Hmmm. Maybe later in the day I’ll drop by the mall and buy the materials to make the lamps. This early morning jaunt seems to be good, creative-wise. I have a bit of time to think about other stuff besides work. I miss creating things. Maybe I should go back to doing that one of these days. This week perhaps.


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