Lil Black Dress On Lady With Big Tummy

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Who says pregnancy should be the end of dressing sexy? I think not. When your tummy is so big it keeps you from seeing your feet, the only recourse is to dress up to show off the curves.

In one of my forays into the stores, I found a little black dress, made of stretchy cotton plus Lycra plus who knows whatever else. It wasn’t hanging in the maternity section. I rarely go over there anyway, because I feel that maternity clothes designers have a positively psycho fixation with ribbons, ruffles, and silly little bows. Who wants to look like a flowered pink blimp anyway? I choose to hunt down biggie size normal clothes instead. It’s been slim pickings, ‘till now.

Ahh… but that dress! It was just floating gracefully there, whispering, “I’ll look good on you, buy me, bring me home.” How could I refuse? I tried it on—and sighed—it was a superb fit. No bunching, no pinching, no necklines or hemlines going askew. The length was just right, falling modestly on the knee. The cut outlined the figure, but was kind enough to skim subtly along the bulges. It gave me the illusion of a waist—at 7 months pregnant, that’s got to be saying something. It was a dress to die for.

The true test of a classic is in the wearing, so I wore it to the office one day, just for kicks. The LBD rocks. It sent shockwaves across our normally subdued cubicles. There were gasps, double takes, inquiring looks, even some raised eyebrows. Girls whom I barely knew stopped me on the hallways with compliments, what a thrill. Guys stole glances, I’m sure. Who knew a preggy lady could kick it up a notch and still get down to business? I felt like one sexy mama!

The dress is a keeper.


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