Oh Brother!

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Boy_1Well, my babies are certainly shy. When we did gender ultrasound for my first son J, he turned his back on us—won’t let us sneak a peek. My second baby tried to do the same, first turning on his side, covering himself with a long leg, then a foot. When the ultrasound won’t let up, he then curled up to show his butt, hiding his private parts most effectively.

The good doctor, she graciously asked us to talk to the baby and come back on a Monday to try again—free of charge. Suspense, huh. Come Monday the baby was still shy, but with a little poking here and there (ouch!) the goods were finally revealed! He is undoubtedly, a boy. Another one!

For J, this means, “Yo, brother, let’s get together and bring the house dooowwnnn!” In other words, mo’ mischief in store.

Ah well, now I will be mama to two boys. More adventures to get ready for. For now, it’s time to go shopping.


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