Weekend Warriors

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FemalesymbolSomebody up there must love me, because this weekend I got a pleasant surprise. My mother and sister descended on our little house and brought love, laughter, kindness, and lots of hugs for J. And for me. I am not one to sentimentalize, but truly, family is the only constant thing you can rely on.

My sister, our youngest, is set to go abroad maybe a few weeks from now, and she wanted to visit J before her schedule got too busy. Who knows, after this visit, it might be a long while before she can see him again. They had great fun together—sometimes I forget how the spirit of play can be so important for children. Seeing my sister being silly with J reminds me that life isn’t all about being serious, being practical, or being busy seeing to the physical needs of my little household, but also about enjoying every bit of fun that you can.

My mother went into full nurture mode and set about putting things right in the way only mothers can. Suddenly, it hit me—I really miss being taken cared of—to have someone know without asking that you are hungry, to cook up good food for you, take care of the little details at home so you could put your feet up and take it easy for a while.

I remember vaguely, all of Friday I was battling a few demons and spinning around the city chasing trouble away. I was beat up, bruised, and badgered when I lay down next to my sleeping son Friday night. On Saturday morning, my weekend warriors arrived and drove away the impending blahs. So the weekend was a real breather for me. Chores got done, meals were prepared, things were tidied up, issues were talked about, spirits were restored.

Life lesson here: be thankful always for small mercies, great blessings. I know I am.


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