Blog Dreaming, Dream Blogging?

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Do you dream about blogging? See, I’m a sporadic blogger. I am online virtually all day, five days a week, sometimes I may even sneak in some web time on the weekends—but I don’t post everyday. Real life, as it happens, gets in the way of blogging.

That’s not to say that I don’t think about blogging all the time, though. Apparently, I’m constantly tuned to that frequency, even in my unconscious. Last night I dreamt I was blogging away, happily tap-tap-tapping away on the keys, having a lot to say, and letting it loose so eloquently that events, ideas, sentiments—all the minutae of my life just unfolded fluidly on the screen.

Then, in the midst of keying in a particularly juicy detail, I woke up. And, in the true graceless manner that real life intrudes into our dreaming, everything I would have liked to remember and eventually blog about vanished into thin 3:15 AM air.  { Sigh }


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