All Mixed Up

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The names are in themselves curiosities: The Reputation, The Dalles, Camera Obscura, The Hives, namelessnumberheadman, Spoon, Legends, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Say Hi To Your Mom, Slender, Hello Goodbye, The Essex Green. What are they?Well, they are names of the bands whose music I have been playing for months now in an endless loop. I’m so happy I discovered these boys and girls. Music that’s very indierock/power pop—catchy with an earnest 60s groove, a somnambulant bass line, lusty drumbeats, and the zing of good old rock ‘n roll.

Best of all, the lyrics are impertinent, oftentimes tongue-in-cheek, angst-y, sometimes off kilter. A sampling:

He was uncomplaining,
As a tree
Nothing like me.


Oh, I’m getting crossed signals,
I can’t feel my fingers,
It must be cold in the sun.

These are truly escapist songs. Ear plugged into oblivion, I can go about my work undistracted, and I’m happily grooving to boot. It’s the music that gets me going, especially in these somewhat stressful times at work lately.

This is music too good to keep to oneself, so I also made a CD mix of these songs for my sister who’s now in Baltimore, and will be sending this out to her next week. No one can say that I have been lazy, or that I’ve forgotten my advertising slave skills. That’s the cover art above.

I love the restless energy of these bands, and the listless, cynical sensibility. Very young, very punk, quite audacious. Very me.


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