Holy Trinity!

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Just this morning at around 11AM, I started feeling a little bit strange. Strange as in my right eye seemed to be losing some pixels. I kid you not. When I look straight ahead, trying to focus on an object, my peripheral vision had a few missing areas.

It is scary. It’s as though a blind spot is eating away at some parts, so my vision is randomly erased. Is my code garbled?  At the very least, this strangeness is inconvenient. While trying to get cash out of the ATM, I kept having trouble reading the right side of the screen. Letters kept blinking out and vanishing into thin air!

Right now I am developing a massive migraine, so I’m packing up the desk and calling it a day. On a Monday, imagine.

I’ll be sure to stay away from payphones today, who knows, I might accidentally get sucked into the Matrix.


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