Gentlemen, We Have Contacts

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Watch out, I can see you. My depth of field has just gotten longer. Yep, I got new contacts fitted a couple of days ago, after getting a bad scare where the peripheral vision of my right eye showed missing areas. Nothing like a good scare to push things forward.

Now that my eyes are back in focus (hehe), I find that there are so many things I have been missing out on. For instance, now I can see the phone list tacked to the wall of my cube without having to squint and raise my butt off the chair. I can accurately judge the speed of a car heading towards me on the street and make an informed decision—whether or not I can safely make the mad dash across to the island. I can read the small print on people’s T-shirts without risking a slap on the face. Not that guys would really slap a woman doing some serious staring, but well, you never know.

And best of all, the most visually fulfilling: now, when I’m watching a movie up there on the big screen, finally, all those beautiful people have noses.


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