Put On The Cardigans

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More link love: The Cardigans performing live! What a happy discovery. This is one of my favorite bands, I mean what’s not to love? Their music is pop, sure, but with a little bit of underlying sadness and a tongue-in-cheek irreverence that’s quite irresistible.

I like the layered sound that they have; how, under the ingenuous thub-thub-thub of the drums there’s an evil little bass line going on. Swedish bands must have a different audio register, that’s my theory.

Here’s a little bit of The Cardigans from “Live And Learn”:

I came to on a corner,
With some help from a man
God damn I don’t seem to have learned
That a lady in need Is guilty indeed,
So I paid and got laid in return
And I don’t know what I’ve learned…

Oh what do you know, they sound good live, too! That Nina Persson sure can sing.


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