I Bag Your Pardon?

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A store window I tried to pass by today had a pink and black Gucci-wanna-be bag that yanked me back to take a second look. It was obviously one item they were mighty proud of, it was perched importantly on a prominent shelf.

Now, I’m not really a Gucci kind of girl; what got to me about this particular bag was what was bravely stenciled in 2-inch high letters right smack on its front: FASHIONISTA. Really now. Was this supposed to stir up a stampede of doe-eyed shoppers clawing tooth and nail to get the bag? What self-respecting woman will be caught dead carrying this bag? More importantly, who the hell designs these things?

I am hit by a sudden surge of inspiration though—such a brilliant idea—I’ll have a similar bag made just for me. And I’ll ask them specifically, to stencil in front, in big fat Zurich Black BT, all caps,


It’ll be all the rage, I bet.


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