I Just Work Here

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In the interest of old, old friends abroad
who drop by thebeebox erratically (OK, you’re all busy, I know!), I’m posting a photo of the area where I work.


This is the Cebu Business Park, and right across The Marriott is the building where I labor daily over such important stuff as how best to instruct users on loading paper into their printers.

One of the nice things about the location of our building is that from home, it’s only 10 minutes by taxi, even in rush hour. Plus, it has a great view of the business park.

It’s summer here, and the heat is getting to be that kind that induces fata morgana, so I’m real careful about where I step when I make my 5-minute walks to the mall. To get to the coffee shops and the money-siphoning stores, I have to cut across a small park dotted with trees and a winding lily pond.

Most of the time though, I am hidden away behind the glass windows like the drone that I am, hunched over my keyboard, typing busily away.

And, since some of our windows face those of The Marriott, I can ogle guests who happen to have their curtains open.

If you look closely, you can see me waving my arms from that 6th floor window.


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