Goddess of Juggling

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LakshmiThis week a lot of things have been swishing around in my hive. Because the gods are rather pleased with me lately, I have been blessed with offers to do a variety of earners, as I call them.

I got a freelance gig going on that has seen me hopping in and out of bars like a rockstar, haha! That one is ending this Thursday, hopefully with a big bang worthy of our collective efforts. Another is a copywriting job that’s quite a challenge, but very fun to do—kicking a few words around to sell products—suddenly I’m back in advertising.

And just a few minutes before I sat down to write this entry, my manager called me to a meeting to discuss a major assignment. Will my writing about it jinx the project? Oh please gods, no. There’s a hint at travel and some newfangled technology to play with, so I’m grinning like crazy even as I ponder rearranging my life to allow for this to happen.

The new motherhood requires women to be a multi-armed juggler, tossing balls in a dizzying spin, trying valiantly not to drop one. That’s Lakshmi in the picture, the Hindu goddess of wealth and beauty. It’s one of her classic poses, sitting legs crossed, beatifically smiling, juggling for all she’s worth. Lakshmi is known as a “mother goddess,” worshipped in Indian tradition since the earliest times. She is addressed as mata (mother) instead of just devi (goddess).

I think she and I are fast becoming friends.


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