I’ve Been Torn and Frayed

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This grin is from Scott.
Big_grin…in the nicest way possible. So many pleasant surprises in the course of three days. If this is just a streak of good luck, may it never end.

First up, the bee box was featured on a site I have long admired: torn and frayed. I’m happy to know that my readers number beyond five haha! To be mentioned in the same html page as Gigi and AnP, now that is honor indeed. Big grins to you girls!

Next, the true reason for my erratic postings is not that I have run out of things to mumble about, but because a freelance gig has been keeping me quite busy. Last night was show time, and I’m thrilled to report that the event was a blast!. Judging by the number of happy-faced (a.k.a. “plastered”) clients who kept yelling “See you next year!” to me, the party was indeed a success. I was able to help out and work again with a long-time friend and the experience just makes me happy—to put together a production and see all the elements click elegantly into place—that’s an added bonus.

Work-wise, I’m going to be launched into a major project, so this bee will be busy in the next couple of months. More stuff to learn, new insights to uncover, plus a change in longitude and latitude means I might be buzzing around in another time zone soon, and that’s always interesting.

And the clincher: just a few minutes ago a long-time friend emailed me his wedding invite. I’m pleasantly surprised  to say that instead of thinking “Another one bites the dust,” my first reaction was giddy happiness. See, this only proves the pink in my heart hasn’t gone to black.

Love vibes to my guy Lee and his Jenny, they’re having a summer wedding. And my fervent wish: Live long and prosper, love well.

The same goes for all you lovely blogger-people too. Enjoy the weekend!


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