Child Of The Corn

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Alright, so I had a very relaxing Holy Week, so relaxing it seemed almost sinful!

A friend suggested cornrows, and so here we are. Isn’t it cool?

The nice thing about them is that your head feels very airy, what with the scalp exposed and the braids drawing the hair back from your neck. After a lengthy sideways stare my son Jeremy decided he likes them.

I came back to work looking like this, and well, that was an interesting Monday. People stared, a little. I think the hallway guard raised an eyebrow, but I’m not sure it was raised at me.

A programmer friend who saw only the back of my splendid-looking head did not speak to me during the elevator ride; he thought I was someone else. As I was getting off, I turned to smile at him. He did a double take and his eyes were round as CDs, then the door closed. The entire day people were inventing all sorts of silly excuses just to pass by my cube, it was so funny!

They do have me pegged as a wholesome mom around these parts. But what the hey, a girl can have her fun, can’t she?


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