Tower Power

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Life lesson 101 from my friend Jet: to conquer a fear, it’s best to face it head-on.

I feel the same way, that’s why I took up snorkeling.

True to his word, Jet, who is afraid of heights, built a two-story tower so that he can clamber up on it and get over his fear. This is it, an airy-looking bamboo structure that’s nestled against an ancient tamarind tree.

Its design is genius—the bamboo poles are fastened together with dovetail joints and ropes—there are no nails that could rust in the salt-water air. There are purposely no walls so that the breeze flows in freely, and no danger of storm winds toppling it down.

There’s a little mezzanine for height-phobics to rest in before going on to the top floor. When we were there for Holy Week, all the kids had claimed it for their own—strewing toys and tracking sand on the floor, having a messy lunch there, lying on their backs staring at the sky, wreaking havoc as only kids can.

Beneath the bamboo floor, a lazy dog was enjoying a summer’s day nap in the shade.


Jet tells me a friend of ours tried to scale the tower, but halfway up, she stopped and went back down, knees shaking.

But for Jet it seems that the tower has done its magic, because last I heard, there was some mean beer drinking and siestas going on in there.


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