The Tooth About Pain

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Toothboy_1A few hours ago the lower left half of my jaw was numb. You could have punched me there and I probably wouldn’t have felt a thing. But now, two hours later, the anesthesia is starting to wear off and I am drunk with pain. Pain that’s a pulsing red star, sending out sharp stabs that are driving me insane.

I’m one premolar less. The pretty young dentist with the delicate hands marveled at the length of the rotted tooth she extricated from my jaw.

That tooth had been giving me pain for weeks now, so it had to go. There’s a bloody pit where it used to be.

I’ve seen two kids come out of my body and I thought I knew pain, that I have a high tolerance for it. Well, this is a hell of a way to find out that that’s not entirely true.

I’m shutting down in here and going straight home where I will take to my bed, curl up in a fetal position, and wait for sleep to come.


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