Mal à propos

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Winebotl_3Bribing the doorman
at my high school dorm to wait up and unlock the front doors for me when I came back from the last full show at the movies.

Trying out six to eight items in a 2-items-only fitting room. I so do not have the time to waste trying on clothes.

Using various combinations of my girl friends’ names and professions to introduce myself when being hit on by oily-looking men. Nice to meet you, Vanessa Anabel (in accounting), Connie Grace (pharmacist), Jessica Elaine (lawyer/artist).

A former boss’s husband announcing at a meeting, “We have to find you a boyfriend.”

Not telling his wife what I really think of her husband.

Slyly asking a 3-year old, who was pestering me at work to open a Tyrannosaurus rex site, “You know what dinosaurs like to eat?” He was smiling and banging on the keys until I told him, “Little boys.”

That one bottle of red wine, lying in wait under my bed.


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