10 Minutes Of Your Life

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BlkberryAlright, I finally have the time
to sit and just write. Hey Laurel gurl, thanks for the writing tip. Here’s my attempt at it. I did it in 10 minutes, scout’s honor. Blackberry triggered something, but it was cliff that did me in. How did I do, guys and dolls?

The challenge:
Write a 10-line poem incorporating five of the following nine words: whisper, blackberry, mother, storm, lightning, needle, cliff, whir, blows. The poem must start with a common phrase or proverb that has been altered significantly. You have 10 minutes.

Here are my ten lines:

1) Like lemmings, I say let us hurl ourselves

2) topsy-turvy, head over heels off that cliff.

3) Aim seaward of course, and push off

4) just as lightning cracks, a white whip to spur us.

5) Mother, your furtive whisper frightens me

6) more than the soft whir of the storm that blows outside,

7) muted by glass. It is as hairy as the blackberry

8) you slip into my mouth, coldly sweet.

9) Alas, I know too well the silver of your needles

10) will not be able to stitch us up. Let us.

I couldn’t come up with a title, please help. So, am I unblocked yet?


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