Warp Mode

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Pport_1I seem to be trapped in a time warp lately. Everything loops back to work, work, work. At night, my sleep is riddled with to-do lists, half-finished projects, replicating deadlines. It’s getting to be debilitating. Sometimes, when there is a break in the day where I have nothing to do, my mind is so boggled I no longer know what to do with the free time. Like a deer caught in the headlights, I freeze, eyes wide, and I am run over.

I would like to say I am writing something, but unfortunately, I’m not. Nothing creative, that’s for sure. All I churn out are technicalities. The dizzy algorithm goes against my brain, derailing its natural course. I feel it taking its toll. I’m practically catatonic. And I exaggerate, of course.

The bright side of all this whining is, my visa has arrived! I’m off to the US May 28, that’s this Saturday. Yippee. A change is what I need. Indeed.


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