Pimping a Poet

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How can he not watch over them?
You always tell yourself to be careful,
but the stains of sleep on your pillow
describe a map he can follow.

– Leigh Reyes

Leigh_1Despite my resolve not to be such an easy conquest, I am reeled in, drawn to the precise beauty of each line. A pause here, and I am mesmerized; my mind unspools, I am taken away to another place. A quiet, almost casual turn of phrase becomes my undoing. Too late, the poem has me in its grasp, and I am held captive.

Her poetry is like a blow to the solar plexus, albeit done with the softest of hands.

I almost never pimp a site so fervently, so if I am this giddy, you can bet the gurl as a verb is worth your mouse click. Go. Go now.


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