New Love: bono

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I had to go to all the way to Cincinnati, a two-hour drive from here on a Saturday weekend, but he was worth the trip.  I now have a new love: he’s black, he’s sleek, he’s beautiful.

I am sooooo in love. I can’t stop grinning. The little fella’s name: why bono, of course.

This is gadget lust, alright. I have been drooling over the U2 ipod ever since it came out, but I sure didn’t see the colored screen coming. The folks at Apple recently released this beauty, the same U2 special edition with the signatures of the band in the back, but now it’s turned into a music + photo hybrid with its high-resolution color LCD. I sure am happy that I held out for a bit.

My ibook boo, and bono have met and are happily in sync. I’ve stashed just a little over a thousand songs in my iTunes, but that number is steadily on the rise. I could get whiplash anytime soon, what with all the head-shaking and bob, bob, bobbing going on. Yes, I am delirious.

Little bono, like his more famous namesake, sounds fantabulous!


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