Anansi! Anansi!

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Here’s what happens when worlds virtual and physical collide: a book hurtles through space and lands on my desk early Monday morning. Giddiness ensues for a full hour. People in the know drool with envy, those who don’t get it think, ‘how weird, to get all excited over a book.’

Thanks to the kindness of banzai cat, I now have Anansi Boys. And, among other things, I know the cat’s human name. But I shall be discreet, yes.

The plan now is, to happily curl up with this book on the weekend, in order to give it my full attention. Perhaps read it in one sitting, not come up for air, just lie there with the words unfurling line after line, page after page. As it should be read.

I keep looking at it, and I can’t stop grinning. Already I have looked at the first page, and I smile at how it reels one in, Gaiman-style.

“It begins, as most things begin, with a song.”


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