We All Have Our Reasons

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We all have reasons for behaving the way we do. That’s a given, as basic as breathing, if you’re a life-form. It’s among the natural order of things in the known universe.

Traffic happening on your last five minutes on the clock is to blame for you coming in late. Just one more time over the monthly quota.

Arguing a concept with a biased mind three times and ending up with the same solution is why you have a sore throat.

Uric acid from all the fatty food you have been binge-eating because of work vexations is the culprit behind your swollen feet.

Weeks of coming home late leave you too exhausted to remove your contact lenses; so today the protein deposits are the reason why your lenses have become useless.

Blind as a bat, that’s the reason you step out from work to get replacement lenses.

But the reason for playing hooky for a full two hours—what makes you do that?

The reason here is simple: Two hours means a movie with full trailers playing.

I say, we all have our reasons.


The movie? Nothing earth shattering, but it was two hours well spent. The still above is from one of the quieter scenes in the movie. Care to take a guess, anyone?


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