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Xmas_faceChristmas is finally making itself felt around here. The office already has a bunch of Christmas activities going on—the same yearly contests with new, mostly giddy participants. I find the holiday cheer slow to spread this year; even the shops at the mall seem shy with their glitter. At night, the lights are not as plentiful, maybe because the electric company is a Scrooge with its taxes and jacked-up rates. I see few bedecked trees in the houses in my neighborhood. When I peek into their windows, it looks as though Santa is not expected.

A bit sad, yes, because what’s an excuse to celebrate without the desire for it?

At home, I do not have decorations up yet, since we will be spending the holidays somewhere else. But I’m thinking I should make the effort, even if technically, once my vacation kicks in, we’ll be seeing the decors for just a few days. It would be good to set the boys’ eyes a-glow with some glitter dust and a few strings of lights. Christmas, after all, is mainly a kiddie holiday, right?

On the web though, the holidays are in better shape. Take a look at Kaydee’s spread and you’ll see a profusion of sweet-faced angels, chubby bears, shimmering red and gold ornaments, and other holiday bits and pieces. Despite the business owner’s brief rant on having such busy days at the shop, the pretty decors are very inspiring. Who knows, this might spur you to get started on your own decorating as well.


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