Jumping Right Into 2006

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So did you have a blast ushering in the New Year? Happy 2006! I was stuck in vacation limbo for a long while there, I enjoyed the time spent away from work way too much. I almost regret going back. But responsibilities beckon to those of us who have to earn our keep. And so I am back to the grind, although in my mind’s eye I still have a margarita in hand, salt crust white on the rim, yellow liquid dancing in the light.

I have no New Year’s resolutions, I’m just vowing to improve my life in every way that I can. Sound good enough? Hell, yes. No looking back, just moving on, head up, eyes homing in on a future that, if only for the sure fact that it will be different from the tribulations of 2005, is a future worth racing after. A future that is filled with so much possibility, a future worth striving for, surely before I croak.

A better year—that’s what I will promise myself. I will live well, be more gracious, aim for the lofty, love more.


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