Super Scanner Strikes Again!

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AioLately I’ve been a scanning fiend—feeding stacks of photos into my test machine (did I let on that I write stuff for a printing company?) and scanning them at 300dpi, until they are scanned mercilessly down to the last itsy-bitsy pixel.

I’m building a digital library (whoohoo! careful with the techno-speak, gurl!) of my boy’s pictures. I am yet to fill an actual real-life album with their photos, but open my ibook and you’ll see folders upon folders of pixel love. Next step would be to pull all those photo folders into a CD for archiving. You gotta love the irony of the transformations there—print to scan to computer to CD—physical to digital to physical.

Some of the photos have found their way into my boys’ blog. What better blackmail to show their girlfriends later than online documentation, huh? Check out that Buddha pose, very Zen. And the jersey action, in red. Oh, but my boys are muy guapo, very photogenic, very camera-friendly. Mother genes, what can I say.


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