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Pronunciation: 'won-t&n, 'wän-
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from wan- deficient, wrong, mis- (from Old English, from wan deficient) + towen, past participle of teen to draw, train, discipline, from Old English tEon. 

1 a archaic : hard to control : UNDISCIPLINED, UNRULY b : playfully mean or cruel : MISCHIEVOUS
2 a : LEWD, BAWDY b : causing sexual excitement : LUSTFUL, SENSUAL
3 a : MERCILESS, INHUMANE  <wanton cruelty> b : having no just foundation or provocation : MALICIOUS  <a wanton attack>
4 : being without check or limitation: as a : luxuriantly rank  <wanton vegetation> b : unduly lavish : EXTRAVAGANT
wan·ton·ly adverb

That is my word for the day today, courtesy of those online dictionaries that throw a random word at you each day, for free. I get a lot of new words this way. I munch on them like one would on crackers.
Wanton. Even the very sound of it seems faintly indecent, don’t you think? How’s this for alternate meanings: wanton = slutty dimsum. Haha! It’s very apt, all four meanings of it detailed above. It sums up my day perfectly.


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