Look Out, Headbutt!

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Jetkissmiss Romping with my boys this weekend took up all my energies. We wreaked havoc on the beddings and most of the furniture. It was more demanding than a 3-hour session at the gym! They squealed and shrieked and pounced on me. I was a goner, no match for their lithe limbs.

During a particularly vigorous tickle and tumble, Jethro bent from the torso and gave me (albeit not purposely) a backward headbutt—right on the nose bridge. Awww. I saw black, I saw stars. An ice pack was called into duty. My nose swelled. Good thing I’ve never had rhinoplasty or else my nose would have migrated sideways, or worse, to my forehead.

Throughout all this, Jethro didn’t even blink, he just kept on playing. Literally, a hardheaded little kid. Well, he’s not my son for nothing.


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