Brokeback Melons

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Cowboy_hat Even in the streets of Cebu, it seems as though the much-examined Ang Lee film, Brokeback Mountain has a few runaway parodies.

While stewing in the hot confines of a taxi under suspect air-conditioning, I was jolted out of my misery by a sharp tap on the window. It was one of those enterprising ladies who hawk their wares in the streets, mid-traffic. She had on a black cowboy hat. No, make that eight black cowboy hats, piled neatly one on top of the other. She made it apparent, by way of smiles, pointing gestures, and manic eyebrow movements, that she wanted me to buy a cowboy hat. The hat looked to be of thin material and the brim was a bit narrow, but it had shades of Brokeback, alright. I’m not very surprised. Cebu is known for such timely rip-offs. Hey the newer the trend, the more likely one can get a quick buck off it.

When I shook my head and mouthed “No,” the lady just grinned and immediately switched tactics. With a flourish, she brandished before me a couple of plump melons, snuggled moistly in a plastic bag. Brokeback Mountain and melons. That’s a strangely erotic twist, I thought, and this time, I couldn’t help but let out a laugh.

To her credit, the hats-and-melons lady—although she did not make a sale nor guess my thoughts on the amusing combination of her wares—she did the same thing.


As can be expected, the web is awash with Brokeback parodies. Here’s one for (by) Mac geeks.


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