Bite That Apple

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I haven’t really felt the need to justify my love for Macs—yes, those gorgeous wonders of technology that just keep getting better and better with each new product. I just love ‘em, and I don’t pay much attention to those who attempt to argue the merits of one over the other.

I don’t bite, even when PC users heckle me about buying technology that seems to them, “way too fancy.” I just smile while they agonize over crappy file structure, virus infections, and system crashes. I know how it is, I use PCs in the office because I have no choice. And then I go home to my Mac.

Now, the Apple guys have unleashed a whole new ad campaign that places Macs alongside PCs. It encapsulates all the things I’ve long been wanting to say to PC users, especially those who jostle my elbow as they sneak a look at the screen of my little ibook. The six commercials unfurl a blow-by-blow comparison that just leaves the competition, well, wanting.

Wanting a Mac, I bet.


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