I Got Themed

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google theme, cityscape

Just a quick pop in to say that I am tickled pink (and various colors) by a new Google feature: homepage themes. This is a feature that allows you to select a theme for your personalized Google homepage, it works like a skin over your page.

The themes are set to your time zone, and change according to the time of day or the season. Cool, no? If I have to stare at the homepage everyday, I might as well be amused by it, is my thinking. It’s been fun, so far. The skin changes color and the “sun” rises and then sets as the day winds down. Clever, I must say.

Geek mag Wired warns, though, that this could be the beginnings of a revenue stream for Google, that the themes could be turned into advertising space. You mean nothing’s for free? Well duh. Of course.

For now, I am amused by the theme. It sure beats the white on white page, for a change.


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