Living in Toyland

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dino in pantry

One of the nicer things about living with kids is that you are always in for a surprise. Just a few days ago, I was tidying up after a late dinner when I happened to be accosted by a dinosaur. In my own little pantry. Right next to a posse of superheroes.

It’s a constant source of amusement/alarm, these sudden appearances of toys in various places in the house. Once, I was awakened by a hard poke in my back and groggily found that I was sleeping with a wooden alphabet block. Sometimes I would step into the bathroom and right next to the soap, like a timid offering, is the lopped off head of Ronald McDonald. I would discover a purple wind-up spider in my closet, bobble-head Rugrats inside my shoes. One time, coming home late at night, I almost died because of a colony of Lego blocks left on the stairs.

But my favorite surreal moment involving toys (sounds kinky, huh?) is that time one morning when I woke up to find myself completely surrounded by cars. Toy cars formed a traffic line around my entire body–small matchbox cars, a couple of model autos, plastic cars with mismatched stickers, a limp bus missing a wheel, little plastic race cars in primary colors. While I was asleep, my boys who are early risers, placed all the cars in their possession around me. I felt like Gulliver, waking up in a Lilliputian parking lot.


2 thoughts on “Living in Toyland

    k.d. said:
    October 31, 2007 at 1:43 pm

    hehe! =)

    what’s your favorite toy?

    thebee responded:
    December 1, 2007 at 12:41 am

    Hey KD.

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