Eyeball In The City

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While racing to catch my bus tonight, I pass by this man on the sidewalk. He is eating fish balls. I make a slight swerve in a vain attempt to avoid the smell of sweat and soy sauce.

By angling left, I glimpse his profile. I see that he has a defective left eye, the eyeball protruding lopsidedly from its socket. I can see the white arc of it palely glistening— lachrymose. The man scoops up a fish ball and tosses it skillfully towards his chewing mouth. The two orbs in close proximity stun me. It looks as though he is devouring eyeballs as fast as he’s popping them out. Bon appetit.

My stomach flip-flops, and I quicken my steps to escape. It’s only 9PM on a Friday night, and already, this city’s strange creatures are out in the streets.


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