One-Shot Deals


7:31 PM | I can bleed for up to a week straight without dying, that’s my superpower.

9:08 PM | I don’t like this game, I’m not playing.

4:51 PM | Two lines of chat and then you go offline — that’s not a conversation.

9:32 PM | You said it was night inside my heart, it was.

11:24 PM | Quote of the day: “You’re a good woman, Ana.”  Apparently, one of my multiple personalities is killing it out there.

4:25 PM | So which is it — are you saying I’m curvy-fat or curvy-sexy?

9:15 PM | When I said the stubble scratched me, I didn’t mean for him to shave the whole beard off.

10:08 PM | I didn’t know that who I slept with 6 months or a year ago will matter so much now in current discussion.

06:01 PM | “You are not right, just not right.” Somebody said to me today. And then he laughed, shaking his head.

05:21 PM | Drank brewed coffee and then had a long nap — vacay days are awesome that way.

08:42 PM | Rocket attack announcement, the wailing siren whirls the sound around as though it was good news.

08:17 AM | It’s nosebleed season, and this morning starts out with the red stuff trickling down, slow like honey.

10:24 PM | Bleak times call for the old reliable fallback companion: dark chocolate.

10:40 AM | I’ve acquired quite a taste /For a well-made mistake. – Fiona Apple.

2:57 PM | They built up the wall here a few extra feet higher–it keeps out more of the view, and makes me want to get out even more.

7:27 PM | Printed on my borrowed coffee mug:  “One Shot. One Kill.”  Sniper sayings are the best, short and to the point.

10:29 AM | What does it say about me, that I can honestly say that do my best work when I’m alone and nobody is watching?

10:03 AM | I thought I’ve forgotten how good it feels to be touched, held tight, and kissed senseless–I am reminded vividly of those pleasures today.

4:33 AM | Realization at Changi Airport: I’m not so tall after all — stretched out to sleep, my body takes up only four chairs.

9:16 PM | I’m good at a lot of things, but waiting is not one of them.

4:23 PM | “Are you happy,” he asks point-blank. It’s amazing how quickly I was able to answer, “Yes.”

12:15 PM | Pretty soon, I need to pack up my little life here and start living out of a gorilla box again.

3:30 PM | Trying to see how it is to be “just friends,” it feels a little like walking on egg shells.

9:015 PM | When I opened my door a second time tonight, I got a can of soda and a kiss–how very unusual–and how lovely.

3:05 AM | Red wine and dark chocolate, in a hotel room in Dubai, two days before Christmas.

10:03 PM | He says, “You make me crazy,”  and I can only hope he means crazy in a good way.

7:17 PM | Best advice read today on a vintage print poster: Keep calm and carry on.

5:08 PM | Text on Thanksgiving Day: “I am thankful for you.” No one has ever said that to me before.

9:09 AM | Cigarettes are a lost love–drawing the smoke in deep, and then letting it out in a long, thin wisp–you fall back in love so easily.

1:08 PM | I am enthralled by this blond stranger who is long-limbed, pale eyed, and imbued with a quiet elegance.

1:42 AM | There must be virtue in staying up late, reading poems that move one to tears by their beauty.

7:57 PM | Let’s see how long I can hold this hunger down before finally giving in to a mouthful of pizza.

10:40 PM | The older I get, the easier it seems to let go of connections that may appear important, but are, on closer inspection, actually unessential.

5:35 PM | Once again, I find secret joy reading up on people and devouring information about them that I surreptitiously find on Google.

8:45 PM | Instead of working, I blog-hop, visiting blogs slyly, like some minor terrorist.

3:35 PM | Not much to do on a Sunday and I am just plain sick of malls.

6:17 AM | I can’t believe it: at this ungodly hour I’m already dressed for work, only to stare bleakly at the heavy downpour outside my window.

5:04 PM | At a meeting I had the misfortune of sitting next to a guy who made really lousy jokes, and I had no compulsion to even fake a laugh.

12:46 PM | I’m wearing a kimono blouse today, and eating a bento box lunch—I’m very big on themes lately.

1:36 PM | I sat next to a lawyer today, a jittery guy who kept telling me, “You answer it this way, OK… answer this way?”.

2:21 PM | Today’s zinger quote: “Nihilism is best done by professionals.” – Iggy Pop

11:53 AM | I keep getting these calls from an unlisted number, four times this week.

09:13 PM | Crossing the street on the way to the mall, I stepped on something that crunched, and then squished, but I didn’t stop to look.

12:34 PM | Rushing to get all the last-minute tasks done before I leave for Manila—time is running out on me.

10:52 PM | Chocolate—dark and crumbly—all day long today I’ve been craving it.

11:24 AM | I am browsing through the photos stored in my ibook, wanting to start yet another blog, god help me.

7:55 PM | Strange congruity: I came in to work at 10:10 today, October 10 (10/10).

9:26 PM | Holding down a 2-year old while he is getting stitches to the head is not how I wanted to spend a Friday night.

7:50 PM | A cold is working its way into my system, could be a delayed reaction to stress over the weekend.

9:00 PM | I ate pizza topped with broad slices of Norwegian salmon while figuring out how best to structure a lie.

2:17 PM | The trick is to keep breathing: Shirley Manson, ladies and gentlemen.

2:10 PM | My temper flare ups are getting worse. So much for growing old gracefully.

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